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    Friday, September 20, 2019   /   by Scott Hoffman

    5 Ways You Can Make Moving Less Stressful

    5 Ways You Can Make Moving Less Stressful 
    By: Hannah Stevens

    Moving from one home to another is hardly ever easy. If you ask most people, it’s something they’d rather live without ever having to do. It’s stressful, costly, and extremely time-consuming - but, it’s sometimes unavoidable. If you find yourself faced with a move, use these five techniques to help make moving a lot less stressful for you. 
    1. Planning and Organization
    The first step is to ensure that you plan ahead of time. The more organized you are before the move, the less likely you are to end up stressed out during the process. For instance, make a to-do list well in advance so that you’re clear on what has to be done and when. Remember, moving involves a lot of different steps, and it will make things easier if you outline them in a clear way. Your list can include things like dates for disconnecting utilities, getting donation center pickups organized, and more.  ...

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    Friday, May 26, 2017   /   by Scott Hoffman

    Preparing Your Home For Sale Check Sheet

    Preparing Your Home For Sale Check Sheet
    If you are planning to put your house up for sale, here is a step-by-step checklist forde-cluttering your home.
    In every room
    •Remove all clutter
    •Clean the ceiling fan
    •Sweep the ceiling
    •Dust the walls from the top down•Dust the base boards
    •Dust all furniture
    •Vacuum, mop and/or clean carpets
    •Wash the windows
    •Replace or repair damaged mini-blinds•Replace blown light bulbs
    •Patch holes
    •Touch-up paint walls and trim

    Additional items in the kitchen

    •Box up all extra plates and serving pieces•Organize your spice rack and pantry
    •Scrub your sink
    •Change the drip pans on your stove top•Clean the oven
    •Wipe down all appliances

    Additional items in the bathroom
    •Scrub the shower
    •Clean the toilet
    •Remove toiletries from the counter and tub•Make any necessary repairs
    •Have clean towels prepared for show

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    Friday, May 26, 2017   /   by Scott Hoffman



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